The Consejo National de Education Para la Vida y el Trabajo (CONEVyT) a division of el Instituto National de Education para los Adultos (INEA) through a partnership with the state of California has made this portal available as part of Proyecto California.

The portal makes available to K-12 teachers in California rich digital resources in mathematics to assist English language learners in improving their academic achievement. These digital resources have been created and/or acquired from a variety of Mexican Government agencies including the Secretaría de Educación Pública, the Instituto Latino Americano de Comunicación Educativa, INEA, and others.

The California Project will allow teachers from throughout California to target California Academic Content Standards and allow students to use CONVEyT resources as a supplement to their regular classroom instruction. The No Child Left Behind Act requires K-12 classrooms to continue to provide meaningful classroom instruction to students while they are acquiring English. Given the need for students to meet adequate yearly progress standards this portal becomes essential to all schools in California.